Masonry & Gabions


Masonry work covers all types of structures made from stone, and can be categorised into three different types of masonry work:

  • Dry Stone Masonry work in which the stones are fitted together without the use of a binding agent
  • Gabion Baskets where the stones are held together in a wire cage
  • Masonry work where the gaps between the stones are filled with cement or lime mortar

Our experienced and qualified masonry squads can work in any of these categories of masonry work, back by years of experience and focused on quality and workmanship. Brickwork, stonework and concrete block construction and repairs are the mainstays of our works.

We have delivered an extensive range of projects in sites including HMNB Clyde at Faslane, RNAD Couplort and DM Glen Douglas, as well as providing masonry services to a host of private clients and commercial works. Our masonry work can be undertaken with insurance works to repair damaged stone walls.

We also extensive work in laying stone driveways, pavements, creating disabled access pathways (one example of which can be seen here) and a host of other masonry works all carried out to a high standard by our friendly professional team.

Gabion Baskets

Our range of expertise includes the utilisation of gabion baskets. This method of construction is a versatile and cost effective solution for small and large scale sea and river defences which Rosneath Caravan Park opted for here and retaining embankments mainly down to the fact that there is no need to install a concrete foundation pad prior to installing. That said, the ground still needs to be staple and prepped but don't worry, we do this too. in order to support the gabion basket/wall with the infilled material Gabion baskets are also easy to assemble and are long-lasting adding to their cost effective appeal

What’s more, they are flexible too, available in many different shapes and sizes to suit your need from the standard flat rectangular basket to curved baskets for more rounded look.

Our expertise is grown from understanding our discerning clients' needs in a dynamic environments, which includes serving the Ministry of Defence, extensive local organisations and thousands of private clients. We are rolling this level of quality, workmanship and experience in our masonry and gabion basket works across the public sector and into large scale commercial works.

​Whether it’s a gabion basket, brickwork or concrete block construction your organisation requires, or whether you have a unique masonry project that requires an expert eye then go ahead and contact our friendly and professional team today to discuss all of your masonry needs.