Staht Pull Tester

Transforming the Process with the t25 Pull Tester

At WCC West Coast Group Ltd, we understand the importance of precision, efficiency, and traceability in every project. Our t25 Digital Pull Tester is designed to meet these needs, providing accurate testing for safety eye bolts, scaffold anchors, and construction fixings up to 25kN (5620 lbf).

Why Go Digital with the t25 Digital Pull Tester?

Our innovative tester saves you time and ensures complete traceability for your team and clients. The t25 is incredibly user-friendly, cost-effective, and comes with a complimentary App that makes it an unbeatable choice for any construction site.

Staht Connect App Test Reporting System

Included as standard, the Staht Connect App is available for both Android and iOS.

With a superfast, reliable Bluetooth connection, recording test results has never been easier or quicker. All data is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring easy access and retrieval via the mobile or web dashboard. The App’s built-in report generation and PDF download features allowing effortless detailed report sharing with managers and clients, providing comprehensive verification and traceability.


Staht t25 Digital Pull Tester


Staht t25 Digital Pull Tester and Accessory Kit