Working at Height


WCC Group offer a variety of working at height works. With staff undergoing in-depth training with Globally recognised bodies such as IRATA for their rope access and Turner Access for scaffolding and access towers. Along with they WCC Group have their own patented innovative access system, QAB Systems to carry out safe works in even the most difficult to reach areas.

Scaffolding & Access Towers

WCC Group supply and install access towers to allow safe access to/for any work site. Our choice in scaffolding is Turners OCTO & Beta guard towers which is one of the quickest and safest to install and dismantle. Our staff have undergone training for these low-level scaffolding towers by Turner Access as well as being competently trained in PASMA scaffolding.

Not sure what type of access tower you need for your job? Our friendly team will be happy to talk through your job specifications, and concerns regarding access and advise you on the best working at height options for your needs.


Access Solutions For Any Situation

Sometimes getting to the worksite can be the biggest problem facing many projects. Add to this the many conflicting issues and interest from all the different parties, you can often get unnecessary delays and costs. This is where the WCC Group Rope Access Team comes in, to assist you with all of your Rope Access requirements in any sector. We offer Rope Access services for fence line maintenance and installation, scrub clearance works, access projects and a host of other activities.

The history of Rope Access

Rope access has been the go to solution for accessing difficult to reach areas in many industries. It is especially popular within gas and oil industry for offshore works which would be impossible without it. It is also popular among the construction and engineering industry to carry out works such as inspections of structures and maintenance. IRATA is the global standard for rope access and the most commonly accepted way of demonstrating competence. Emerging in the 1980’s IRATA has been one of the largest trade bodies to help shape the standard for rope access into what it is today.

The Cost Benefit of Using Rope Access

Rope access is an extremely cost effective method of working at height as a large variety of tasks can be carried out by means of rope access from Non Destructive Testing (NDT) to spray painter blasting or window cleaning can be used in conjugation with rope access skills. In difficult access situation where access solutions are not a viable option. To find out more about the cost benefits of using rope access in you working at height scenario you can read our blog on it here.

We have our own fleet of versatile equipment, meaning we can undertake work at ground level through to the most difficult locations. If conventional methods are not suitable for your project then we will switch to our specialist, bespoke equipment, using our IRATA qualified teams to carry out the work. By using ropes and harnesses, technicians can access areas quickly, unobtrusively and often for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods such as scaffolding and MEWPs.

Rope access is a proven method of working at height and accessing all manner of structures. Having experience with rope access works from steep rock faces to shiplifts, tunnels, drainage systems or shafts.

The safety of all those who may be affected by our projects is the top priority of all who work at WCC Group. Every job is properly planned and executed by competent, experienced and suitably qualified technicians. Our IRATA rope access team is led by our Level 3 with over 10 years of experience in work ranging from oil rigs to football stadiums who manages a mix of level 1 and level 2 rope access technicians

WCC Group prides itself on teamwork, project management and problem solving. Through early contractor Involvement WCC Group looks to achieve above and beyond your expectations on every project.