Japanese Knotweed

Our certified staff offer treatments to control and eradicate Japanese Knotweed. There are a number of ways to tackle Japanese Knotweed; stem injection, Spraying or burning.


Spraying with chemicals (herbicides) is an effective method of treatment to stop the spreading of the plant. This can’t be carried out when it’s raining or in windy conditions and has the potential of affecting other plants and soil. The plants should ideally be sprayed in the spring when they are about 1 meter tall or after cutting when they have re-grown to this height.  Effective control can be achieved when the Japanese Knotweed is cut or sprayed again in early summer, then sprayed again in late summer, just before the winter dieback. The arisings from cutting should be burnt on-site to prevent the plant spreading.


Stem injection is a method of treatment where the herbicide is directly injected into the lower part of the mature stems using an injection gun.  This method can be carried out in most weather conditions unlike the spraying method.  As this method is to inject the plant it can be an environmentally friendly method of control, you will not have to worry about the chemicals used spilling into any watercourses or causing damage to any protected species/trees nearby because the measured does go directly into the stems. 


Burning method is where we typically burn away the weed and has the benefit of not contaminating any other soil or plants.  It requires more than one treatment as the root system can be 7 metres long and 2 metres deep and it is imperative that all the roots are destroyed to eradicate the weed.


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